What is happening at Festival Park?

This central gathering place is transforming into a modern Downtown center thanks to a partnership between the Town and the Downtown Development Authority.

Construction is underway on the park, located at Second and Perry streets Downtown. Planned new amenities include a landing pavilion, splash pad, fire pits, an open lawn, a creek-side picnic area, market plaza, bridge connections to Town Hall parking, improved lighting and seating, an overlook walkway with an iconic lantern feature and a water-play area in Sellars Gulch. In addition to the new amenities, stormwater improvements along Sellars Gulch will be implemented to align with natural flood plain regulations and provide public access to the creek.

The project is expected to be completed in fall 2017. The total project cost is about $6.9 million. Get weekly updates at CRgov.com/FestivalPark. Learn more about the DDA at downtowncastlerock.com.

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