What road construction is happening in Castle Rock?

Generally speaking, the Town defines two types of roadwork: maintenance and capital improvement projects.

For maintenance projects, the Town takes a strategic approach through the annual Pavement Maintenance Program. Neighborhood roadwork is concentrated to one of five areas of Town on a rotating basis. This maintenance extends the life of Town roads and helps the Town get the most out of its investment in infrastructure. Learn more at CRgov.com/PMP.

Capital improvement projects are those that address safety or congestion-related concerns. They’re new lanes, new roads, etc. For example, in 2017, the Town will install a roundabout at Third and Perry streets Downtown. In the design phases during 2017 are improvements to intersections at Founders Parkway and Allen Way as well as at Founders Parkway and Crowfoot Valley Road. Get details on the Town’s Capital Improvement Program at CRgov.com/CIP.

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1. What road construction is happening in Castle Rock?