2020 Election

Town elections are held in November of even-numbered years and are coordinated and administered by Douglas County. The Town Clerk is the designated election official for the Town of Castle Rock.  

2020 Election 

Election Results  
The preliminary results have been posted on Douglas County’s website, DouglasVotes.com. Election results will be certified Nov. 25, at which point they become official.

The unofficial results show the following candidates as the apparent Councilmembers-elect: Ryan Hollingshead for District 1 (western portions of The Meadows), Laura Cavey in District 2 (northeast Castle Rock), Desiree LaFleur for District 4 (central Castle Rock and Downtown) and Tim Dietz in District 6 (south Castle Rock). 

The unofficial vote totals in the Town Council candidate races as of 2:58 p.m. Nov. 4 are: 

District 1

Robert Wade: 1,834 (31.84%)
Geneva Brier: 747 (12.97%)
Ryan Hollingshead: 3,179 (55.19%)

District 2 

Stephen Weaver: 946 (15.10%)
Keegan Doheney: 825 (13.17%)
Gary Godfrey: 1,706 (27.23%)
Laura Cavey: 2,788 (44.50%)  

District 4

Desiree LaFleur: 2,692 (54.59%)
Preston Shepherd: 2,239 (45.41%)

District 6

Tim Dietz: 2,898 (47.15%)
Gregory K. Hernandez: 1,954 (31.79%)
Matt Katona: 1,294 (21.05%)

As a reminder, the vote totals are unofficial until the election results are certified Nov. 25. Elected Councilmembers will be sworn in during a regular Council meeting Dec. 1. At that time, per Town Charter, the Council will elect a new Mayor Pro Tem. 

The new Councilmembers represent four of the seven Council seats. They will join Mayor Jason Gray, District 3 Councilmember Kevin Bracken (eastern portions of The Meadows, Red Hawk and Castle Highlands) and District 5 Councilmember Caryn Johnson (southeast Castle Rock).