Ray Waterman WTP Wells


Two new deepgroundwater wells, one Arapahoe Aquifer well and one Denver Aquifer well, are being built to supply raw water to the Ray Waterman Water Treatment Plant. The wells will add new water capacity from the existing Denver Basin aquifers, store excess WISE supplies (when available) and generate power during ASR operations. When complete, the wells will supply approximately 1.0 to 1.2 million gallons of water per day (mgd).

These wells will also have the capability for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) and down-hole power generation. With the variability of imported WISE deliveries, a storage option is needed when WISE supply is higher than demand. One of the solutions is ASR, which is the ability to store water in the aquifer and recover the water through pumping when needed. Storing this clean, treated water underground is an ideal avenue over storage in nearby reservoirs as there is no loss to evaporation nor contact with surface runoff pollution. The design of an ASR well is slightly modified to take into consideration the water that will be delivered into the aquifer through the well which will cause the water level in the well to increase.

The down-hole power generation allows for the water being pumped back down to create power, reducing energy costs for this operation.


The drilling contract was awarded to Hydro Resources – Rocky Mountain Inc. for $2.9 million.

January  Site prep
February - March 24-hour drilling
March - June Testing
July - January Permitting
February - March Well facility and waterline connection
July - August Pump installation
October Site restoration

Update 2/10/21

The drilling of the wells is complete, but permitting delays have resulted in the well facility and waterline connection construction to be delayed until early 2021.

Residents can expect road closures and detours in March 2021 for waterline connection. Road detours will be in place on Autumn Sage Road at Valley View Drive south of the traffic circle.

Well drilling rig and soundwalls
Wells223.233 area view map