Meadows Wells CR-27R & CR-231

While Castle Rock Water diversifies our water sources with renewable surface water, we also continue to utilize our primary source, deep water wells. Two obsolete wells are being replaced in The Meadows, one off Sweetgrass Court and the other at Butterfield Crossing and Rock Creek Drive. Drilling of the wells, construction of the well facility and the connection to the Meadows Water Treatment Plant will take place from October 2019 through August 2020. Once complete, the wells will help firm new supplies from the existing Denver aquifers. The wells are expected to be online for the 2020 irrigation season.

Project details

For the first 6 to 8 weeks, 24-hour drilling is necessary to ensure well productivity. In order to help dampen the rig noise, a 30-foot sound wall will be installed around each site. The project was purposefully slated for winter to help mitigate noise issues. The sound walls are expected to enclose all construction equipment and will be removed upon completion of the drilling construction. 

The construction of the well facility and connection to the waterline will be conducted primarily Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Some Saturday work may be necessary to complete the project on schedule.

The site will be revegetated to its current condition.

Project update

  • Well 27R is substantially complete and securing the old well is underway. 
  •  Well 231 – Facility construction to begin late September and will go through until spring 2021.
Meadows Wells Site Map


November Site prep
December - January 24-hour well drilling
February - March Testing
March - June Well facility and waterline connection
April - May Pump installation
August Revegetation

Site plan

Well CR-231 off Sweetgrass Court

Meadows Well CR231 site map

Well CR-27R near Butterfiled & Rock Creek Drive

Meadows Well 27R Site Map


Hydro Resources-Rocky Mountain, Inc. was awarded the drilling contract as they have competitive pricing and have completed similar projects recently, under budget and ahead of schedule. Hydro Resources plans to utilize some advanced technologies including glass beads, epoxy coating of drop pipe and nuclear magnetic resonance. 

The contractor for the design and construction of the well facility and waterline connection has not been awarded.

The total project cost isestimated at $5.1 million.


There are no road or trail closures expected, but residents may encounter construction traffic. For safety consideration, some lane closures may periodically be in effect.

There are no scheduled disruptions to water service.