Diamond Ridge Parkway

Diamond Ridge Parkway Traffic Calming Project

In April 2019, homeowners in the Diamond Ridge Estates neighborhood approached the Town with concerns about speeds on Diamond Ridge Parkway. After the homeowner petition was completed and verified, the Town conducted a speed study and determined that the street met the minimum criteria to qualify for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program .

What did the data show?

Studies were conducted in April and August 2019. 

  • In April, the 85th percentile speed on Diamond Ridge Parkway was measured at 40.7 mph. 
  • By August, the 85th percentile speed dropped slightly to 39.6 mph. Subsequently, the speed on the street still exceeds the 35 mph criteria to qualify for the program. 
  • The Town hosted a meeting with the neighborhood on Oct. 9, to share the results of the speed studies. After discussion, the neighborhood decided to move forward with Phase 2 of the NTCP, which allows a working group of homeowners to explore engineering solutions to the speeding problem.