One-By-One Policing

One-by-one policing is a unique philosophy embraced by all members of the Castle Rock Police Department. It is a complete lifestyle our members believe in. One that promotes compassion and a focus on evaluating how best we can serve each person individually.

This approach to policing also addresses our internal work environment. How our officers and professional staff are treated in the workplace has a direct correlation to how they interact with our community.

Castle Rock Police place great value in these positive community interactions. One-by-one policing stresses the importance of ensuring every member of the Castle Rock Police Department feels safe in their work environment. This internal safety fosters an environment where our entire community and members of the Department can thrive.

One-By-One Policing Logo
Officer with a child at a Donuts and Jumps event
Officer throwing a ball to a child with a bat
Officer with children near his patrol vehicle