South Meadows

Planning Commission recently considered – and Town Council will soon consider – a proposal to construct 116 single-family units on a 27-acre site just west of the Park Preserve development on Wolfensberger Road near Coachline Road / Plum Creek Parkway.

Following are answers to a few frequently asked questions about this proposed development:

What type of development does the zoning on the site allow?

The zoning, approved for the site in 2003, allows up to 323 residential units with a maximum density of up to 12 dwelling units per acre and a maximum height of 50 feet.

What are the details of the units being proposed for the site?

Fifty-eight paired homes are proposed, with a maximum height of 35 feet and a density of 4.3 dwelling units per acre. The homes, which would include garages, would share driveways. The architectural design would incorporate Colorado ranch and modern prairie elements, consistent with other homes in The Meadows.

What other amenities would be offered in the area?

Access to the development would be from Wolfensberger Road, with a second access for emergency vehicles only. The development is planned to include traditional streets in a looped design. The area would feature trail connections and two passive parks.

What happened at the Planning Commission hearing?

Planning Commission voted 4-3 to recommend denial of the project to Town Council. They based their decision on the proposal not fitting in with the surrounding development, including that paired homes do not fit in, and that the proposal is inconsistent with the overall development of the area.

What happened at the Town Council hearing?

Town Council continued the public hearing, deciding more time was necessary to review the proposal and determine how it lines up with current development criteria. Council is planning to revisit the proposal at its Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, meeting.