2018 Special Election


Amendment A

Yes: 7,610 
No: 877

Amendment B

Yes: 7,820 
No: 686


In November 2017, voters approved electing Castle Rock's Mayor at large. Now, there will be a Townwide Mayor and six Council districts instead of seven.

To implement this change, a transition plan needed be defined in the Town Charter. Because any change to the Town Charter requires voter approval, another special election was necessary.

In an effort to implement this change in time for the Town's 2018 regular election, Town Council called for a special election to occur on May 15, 2018. The 2018 Special Election was intended to define a transition plan - including necessary redistricting - and qualifications for Mayor.

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The ballot language for the 2018 Special Election was as follows: 

Ballot Questions

Home Rule Charter Amendment A:

In order to implement the November 7, 2017 voter-approved amendment to the Town of Castle Rock Home Rule Charter providing for a Town Council consisting of a Mayor elected at-large and six Councilmembers elected from districts, shall the Town Charter be further amended to add a transition plan specifying the November 6, 2018 regular election as the date for election of the Mayor and two Councilmembers and the following regular election as the date for election of four Councilmembers,  authorize the Election Commission to timely establish the boundaries of the six Town Council districts in 2018, and make certain other conforming amendments to the Town Charter in accordance with Town Council Ordinance No. 2018-002?

____ Yes

____ No

Home Rule Charter Amendment B:

Shall Section 2-4 of the Town of Castle Rock Home Rule Charter be amended to establish qualifications for the office of Mayor such that the Mayor at the time of nomination, election or appointment is a registered elector of the Town of Castle Rock, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the Town of Castle Rock for twelve consecutive months preceding election or appointment and prohibit the Mayor from being a paid employee of the Town, in accordance with Town Council Ordinance No. 2018-002?

____ Yes

____ No

What is the Town Charter?

Castle Rock is a home-rule municipality. That means we govern our Town at the local level. The authors of the Colorado Constitution knew that sometimes locals know best. That's why as a home-rule municipality, Castle Rock has a Town Charter to define how the government will be run. The Charter outlines everything from the Town's name, to Town Council elections, to the process for making local laws and more. 

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Election Process

Typically, Town elections are held in November of even-numbered years and are coordinated and administered by Douglas County. In Douglas County, all elections are coordinated by mail ballot. 

Register to vote

You can verify your voter registration information, register online, or update your current registration with a new address on the state website. Head to govotecolorado.com, or register in person at the Douglas County Elections Office.

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