2020 Roadwork

Projects to increase safety, access

The Town is maintaining current infrastructure and completing new projects to improve safety and efficiency on the road. 

In 2019, the Town will be putting your tax dollars to work to improve our road infrastructure, bringing safety and smoother access. Much of that work is happening along the Founders/Meadows Corridor. 

We need your help. Learn about each project below. 

Project Timeframe Budget
Founders and Allen Summer-Fall 
Contingent on acquisition of right-of-way. 
Will be spring 2019 for construction.
$4.2 million
Founders and Crowfoot Summer-Fall
Contingent on acquisition of right-of-way. 
Will be spring 2019 for construction.
$3.4 million

What to expect

This investment is necessary for safety and efficiency. We also know that achieving those goals with road projects creates temporary inconvenience. Here are some tips to make your drive a little easier.

Plan ahead: During construction along the busy Founders/Meadows corridor, consider an alternate route. The Town has worked to create and improve alternate routes including Castle Rock Parkway, Coachline Road and Prairie Hawk Drive. 

Expert tip: Explore alternate routes prior to the start of construction. You may find a new way you never considered is faster than the old way, or has a convenient service along the way. Suggested alternate routes are available using the project links above.

Visit our roadwork map to see lane closures. Then, activate your Google Maps "Traffic" tab for current information. 

Give yourself extra time: Construction will no doubt add some time to your commute. Slower speeds in these zones are for everyone's safety. So leave early and crank up that extra song, or listen to that next chapter on your audio book. 

Expert tip: access Google Maps with the "traffic" tab activated to see expected delays before you leave.

Be a courteous driver: Roadwork will bring new access and increase safety. Give yourself, your fellow drivers and our crews a break, knowing the benefits are worth temporary inconvenience. 

Slow down, drive safely: The average construction zone speed limit is 30 mph. Please obey all speed limits and other traffic control. Help everyone get home safely. 

Other roadwork

Plum Creek Parkway and Wolfensberger Road roundabout

As our Town grows, this intersection needs greater control of traffic. A roundabout provides this control safely and efficiently. 

Neighborhood maintenance

During 2019, the Town will also maintain its investment in neighborhood roads through the Pavement Maintenance Program. This year, work will occur in The Meadows.