Flashing Yellow Arrows

Making intersections safer

Flashing yellow turn arrows remind drivers to look before they leap. National research confirms this extra caution can reduce T-bone collisions and increase safety at an intersection.

Town installs 19 more flashing yellow arrows in 2017

Flashing yellow arrows already existed at nearly a dozen intersections in Town, such as at Meadows Parkway and Limelight Avenue and at Plum Creek Parkway and Wilcox Street Downtown. 

In 2017, the Town installed 19 more along major corridors such as Front Street, Fifth Street, Meadows Boulevard, Plum Creek Parkway, Wilcox Street and Wolfensberger Road. (See map below.) 


These new signals were funded by voter-approved TABOR revenues. In November 2016, 69 percent of Castle Rock voters approved a measure that allowed the Town to keep $714,580 in revenues beyond TABOR limits from 2015. Voters specifically allocated that money to police, fire, emergency medical and transportation purposes. Learn more about the projects funded by this revenue