Large Commercial

Shoppes at Promenade

The design team found the Shoppes at Promenade represents a powerful architectural statement adjacent to the I-25 corridor. The variety of building materials with a landscaped mountain-to-prairie theme and sensitivity to the Colorado environment, give visitors spectacular views of the Front Range. This project is highly visible and provides a standard for future large scale commercial projects in our community.

Shoppes at Promenade

Small Commercial

Montaña Vista

The design team found the building consists of architectural details and materials native to Colorado to visually separate the structure from nearby commercial and residential development. The building and surroundings set the standard for future structures and facilities in the north Metzler Business area.

Montana Vista

Downtown New Construction

Mirage Dental

The design team found this development evokes community interest in the Downtown experience. The building exterior and site orientation are consistent with the goals and policies of the Downtown Master Plan and improve the vitality of downtown businesses. Development on a vacant lot increases investment in the Downtown Development Authority TIF program and creates opportunity for continued investment within the Town and around the region.

Mirage Dental

Commercial Remodel / Facade

Union, An American Bistro

The design team found the patio improvement provides an interesting outdoor addition to a historic building in downtown. The uniqueness of the structure and color scheme enhances the pedestrian and vehicular experience and provides an example of how building something different adds vitality to our community.


Community Character / Sense of Place

Amphitheater, Millhouse and Splash Pad at Philip S. Miller Park

The design team found the Millhouse, Amphitheater and Splash Pad illustrate an outstanding outdoor experience tradition being developed at Philip S. Miller Park. The improvements provide state wide recognition for our community, are highly visible and enrich the outstanding natural environment and character of our community.

Amphiheater and Millhouse

Neighborhood Project / Enhancement

Terrain Swim Club & Dog Park

The design team found this project represents an enhancement to the Terrain community through use of innovative design and building materials. The Terrain Development Team decided on this central location because it provides exceptional views of adjacent land and encourages resident use through a combination of active and passive recreation. And yes, it also provides social interaction for furry kids with four paws.

Terrain Swim Club building


The Move

The design team found The Move to be an exceptional example of environmental design and conservation of natural resources. Use of solar energy and water conservation methods provides future development in the downtown area with an example of how effective investment in new concepts creates professional energy and business interest. We applaud White Construction for taking this risk and look forward to having them assist others with use of such innovative techniques.

The Move.FINAL.docx

Public Facility

Aspen View Academy

The design team found Aspen View Academy represents a forward thinking attitude related to youth education. Site orientation and use of building materials allows the school to blend in with its surroundings, while remaining highly visible and creating a safe environment for all involved. The school provides an example for other Charter Schools to follow.

Aspen View Academy

Historic Preservation

208 N. Cantril St.

The design team found this property represents renovation and preservation of a historic landmark structure for one of the first homes built in Castle Rock. The original house and several out buildings preserve the history and heritage of Castle Rock in a unique and individualistic manner. The property owner’s investment and care of the buildings and grounds provides Castle Rock residents and visitors with an outstanding example of the original design, character, and scale of a residential historic site.