Downtown Parking Study

Assessing needs and options

Parking the car  it's something most drivers do multiple times each day. Usually, without much thought.

But as Downtown Castle Rock increasingly becomes a destination for residents and visitors, thought must be put into how best to meet the community's parking and access needs.

Study underway

study of current and future parking needs in Downtown Castle Rock will be getting underway in July 2016. Work in conjunction with this study will include development of a plan with short- and long-term strategies to more effectively and efficiently meet the growing mobility needs of residents, visitors and employers. The goals of this strategic action plan are three-fold:
  1. Make it easier for residents and visitors to access Downtown Castle Rock safely and efficiently using their preferred means of transportation -- car, bicycle, motorcycle and/or as a pedestrian
  2. Identify progressive parking management strategies that support Castle Rock's community character while also proactively planning for future development in the Downtown core
  3. Develop an actionable set of recommendations to move the Town's management of parking and mobility options forward in a way is customer-focused and that enhances the world-class quality of life enjoyed by those who live, work, play and invest in Downtown Castle Rock
Study area
The area being studied is generally bounded by Interstate 25 on the west, the railroad tracks on the east, Wolfensberger Road on the north and Plum Creek Parkway on the south. The consultant group working with Town staff and the Downtown Alliance on the project, Kimley-Horn and Assoc., will be:
  • Inventorying existing parking available in the area through a formal data-collection effort
  • Reviewing current parking needs and projecting future needs
  • Determining possible parking-related improvements, with an emphasis on attainable solutions

Public kick-off meeting
A public meeting to introduce the parking study was held July 7. View the presentation from that meeting.

Watch for updates
This webpage will be updated as the study progresses, including with information about additional opportunities for the public to provide input into the study.


As Castle Rock thrives, the Town and Downtown Alliance have been working together to plan for the future.

In some cases, past studies led to changes in parking restrictions, while in another it led to the construction of the Downtown Parking garage. Get the history by reading the documents to the right.