Instructions for Petition Circulators

Nomination petitions

Candidates may circulate their own nomination petition.  A circulator may also circulate a nomination petition section for a candidate seeking nomination or election to Town Council. Only one circulator may circulate a petition section. Circulators may circulate multiple petition sections for a candidate.

For a candidate name to be placed on the election ballot, at least 25 registered elector signatures must be gathered. When the nomination petition is filed with the Town Clerk, the notarized circulator affidavit is executed acknowledging compliance with the below guidelines: 
  • Circulators must personally observe the elector signing in your presence
  • Signer must be a registered voter prior to signing the petition
  • Signer may only sign the petition as themselves

No additional signatures may be recorded after the circulator affidavit is notarized.

Additional circulator instructions

  • Please have individuals sign petition in either blue or black ink
  • Petition sections may not be disassembled
  • Petition sections pages do not have to be completed in order for the signatures to counted as valid
  • Individuals may only sign one petition for a candidate in their district (if multiple petitions are signed by the same elector, all signatures by the elector will be disqualified)
  • Individuals must complete all information sections on the petition form
  • Individuals should sign their name as they are registered to vote as (use legal name, avoid nick names)
  • Individuals current address must be a street address (no post office box addresses will be accepted)
  • Individuals making a correction or a change to the petition must initial the change made

It is important to note that if an elector's signature appears on more than one petition, all such petitions signed by that elector will be rejected.  

Nomination petition submission

Completed nomination petition packets are filed with the Town Clerk.  It is advisable to file a nomination petition as early as possible. The Town Clerk will verify that the nomination petition is sufficient in the requisite number of signatures to place the candidate name on the election ballot.

If the Clerk decides the petition is insufficient, then the candidate may have an opportunity to circulate additional petitions to meet the signature requirements prior to the deadline.