Legacy Water Projects

Steps to secure our water investment
Securing water for our future is one of the most important decisions our community will make during our generation.

Obtaining a long-term, sustainable water supply is important, because it affects the value of our homes and businesses, and the quality of life in our community.
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Today, a large quantity (approximately 85 percent) of the Town's annual water supply comes from nonrenewable Denver Basin groundwater while only a small portion (approximately 15 percent) comes from renewable supplies along Plum Creek. The nonrenewable Denver Basin groundwater won’t last forever, so it’s important that we continue moving to a renewable water supply that will provide up to 75 percent of the annual demand for water in Castle Rock.
The Town's Legacy Water Projects are designed to help Castle Rock reach that goal by the time the Town is built out, anticipated in 2065. 

There are three major components to the Legacy Water Projects, of which, two are already completed:

  • Negotiations are continuing with two providers (WISE and Stillwater Resources) that were selected through a 2011 request for proposal process.
  • The Plum Creek Water Purification Facility in Castle Rock, is now treating and delivering renewable water for the Town since April 2013. (completed)
  • The purchase of water storage space in Rueter-Hess Reservoir, which opened in March 2012 near Parker. (completed)
Further details of all of all three main Legacy Water Projects are included in this section of our website. Check back frequently for updates, as the long-term water agreements progress and become finalized.