Environmental Assessment

About the assessment

An Environmental Assessment describing the project's benefits and impacts on the surrounding area was required before the construction of this new road could begin.

The assessment, completed in late 2010, analyzed the alternative of not building a new road, as well as the two build alternatives that had been proposed: 1) Atrium, which included an interchange at U.S. Highway 85 and Atrium Drive; and 2) Castlegate, which included an interchange at U.S. 85 and Castlegate Drive. Both alternatives were proposed to connect to Interstate 25 with an interchange at the same point, about 1 mile north of the Founders / Meadows Parkway interchange. Ultimately, the Castlegate alternative was chosen.

View the completed Environmental Assessment. Below are the appendices for download.


Finding of No Significant Impact

With all major construction projects, such as new roads, it is important to consider that project’s impact on the environment.

The Town and its partners on the North Meadows Extension – Douglas County, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration – conducted a study to determine what, if any, impact this new road will have on the environment. The impacts evaluated include not only effects on the physical environment, but also things like noise and socioeconomic factors. Together, the entities determined there would be no significant impact on the environment.

The resulting Finding of No Significant Impact document was signed by the Federal Highway Administration on March 17, 2011.

View the North Meadows Extension Finding of No Significant Impact.