Large Commercial
Bonaventure of Castle Rock, 1855 Low Meadow Blvd.
This building was awarded for representing a powerful architectural statement within the Meadows Community.
Small Commercial
Mercantile at Meadows Town Center, 2240 Mercantile Ave.
This building was awarded for using architectural details and materials native to Colorado, setting the standard for future structures and facilities in the Meadows Town Center.
Historic Preservation
207 Perry St.
This home was awarded for renovation and preservation of a historic structure of one of the first homes built in Castle Rock providing an outstanding example of the original design, character, and scale of a significant historical building.
207 Perry Street
Plum Creek Water Purification Facility
The department was awarded for representing appropriate use of Town funds while exhibiting functional aspects of architecture and design, and using state of the art equipment for an efficient water program.
061013-133 (1)
Commercial Remodel
Plum Creek Church, 960 S Interstate 25.
The church was awarded for providing a unique architectural statement on the south end of Town and the facade improvements enhance the public view and exhibit a significant upgrade to the site. 
Plum Creek Church

Downtown Project

Acme Water Tower, 514 Perry St.
Consistent with the goals and policies of the Downtown Master Plan, the unique series of buildings provides community interest in Downtown and improves the vitality of Downtown businesses, as well as creating opportunity for commerce along with an enhanced pedestrian experience. 
Acme Water Tower
Community Character / Sense of Place
Jax Police Dog Statue, 100 Perry St.
This statue was awarded for representing small Town character through recognition of a well-known and highly visible police service dog who served the community with honor. 
Jax Statue
Public Facility
Philip S. Miller Park Field House and Play Fields / Castle Rock Parks and Recreation
The department was awarded for adding outstanding amenities to the Town parks system for use by Castle Rock residents and being an outstanding regional draw for the Colorado Front Range.
PS Miller Park IV