Community balance
Signs are necessary to provide direction and guidance for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Outdoor signs are vital to Town businesses. The Town of Castle Rock municipal sign code regulations are for the protection of the public and to ensure consistency with community goals and objectives.

The following information is a general overview. For additional information about sign permits, email the zoning division or call 720-733-3559 or 720-733-3557.
Sign permit requirements
A sign permit is required to display, erect, relocate or alter most permanent and temporary signs. View our sign permit checklist

eTRAKiT online permit tracking
Sign permit applications can be submitted through our eTRAKiT system. 

eTRAKiT and create a sign-in to get started. Once you have an account, you can apply for a permit, see if a permit has been issued for an address, schedule and cancel inspections and check inspection status. After a sign permit has been processed and approved, it can be paid for on eTRAKiT

View eTRAKiT instructions and FAQs for details. To find out if an address is in the Town of Castle Rock, view the Street Guide

A site plan depicting the proposed location, sign dimensions and elevations is also required to be submitted at the time of application. 

Sign permit fees 

Fees are $50 for each sign and $10 for each banner sign. Fees can be paid by credit card on eTRAKiT or by credit card or check in person at the Building Division front counter, located on the first floor of Town Hall, 100 N. Wilcox St. 

Signs that do not require a permit
View a list of sign types that do not require a sign permit.

Sign types 

View information on sign types.

Right-of-way encroachment permit 
Awning, canopy, suspended or projecting signs that are proposed to extend or project over the public right-of-way (sidewalk or street) must also be approved for an encroachment permit. The application fee for a right-of-way encroachment permit is $100. 

Sign measurement requirements
View information regarding size of signs and measuring signs

Contractor registration in Castle Rock 

All sign contractors must be registered with the Town if making application for a sign permit. Contractors may register online via eTRAKiT, by email, regular mail or in person at Town Hall at the:
Building Division 
100 N Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Registration forms
More information
For additional information on contractor registration, contact the Building Division by email or call 720-733-3527. 

Appeals and variances 
Persons who feel aggrieved by an administrative decision in error or contrary for the intent of the sign code or persons who feel that, due to special circumstances a hardship exists, are entitled to a fair and impartial hearing with the Board of Adjustment. 

The burden is upon the applicant to prove practical difficulties and unnecessary hardship if the code were to be strictly enforced. 

For questions related to appeals, variances and the public hearing process, please email the Zoning Division or call 720-733-3559 or 720-733-3557.