Memorial Bench and Tree Program

The Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department welcomes donations as part of the POST Partners program. These donations help us enhance our parks and open space with items the department might not otherwise be able to afford.

Learn more (PDF) about donations, sponsorships and memorials.

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Tree Legacy Program

We know how difficult it is to lose a loved one, and how important it is to keep his or her memory alive and growing. That’s why POST Partners developed the Tree Legacy Program.

Donors can choose from one of six tree varieties to plant in memory of their loved one. Varieties include:

  • Southwestern White Pine
  • Flowering Crabapple
  • Linden
  • Blue Spruce
  • Hackberry / Sugarberry
  • Norway Maple

Trees are planted at Town parks or trails. The Town and the donor work together to find the right place for the tree, ensuring proper irrigation and maintenance. 

The donor’s family receives a letter acknowledging the memorial, and a gold leaf is placed on the Tree Legacy Program memorial plaque at Town Hall. Transplanting seasons are in the spring and late fall, when trees are dormant. Current estimated cost for a memorial tree is $500, which includes transportation and labor.

Memorial Bench Program

As an alternative to the Tree Legacy Program, the Memorial Bench Program offers donors the opportunity to purchase a bench in honor of a loved one. The benches are placed in areas of need throughout the Town’s parks and along paved trails. The benches are 6-feet wide and have a powder-coat finish in the same color as other permanent fixtures in the area. Memorial plaques inset in the bench include the honoree’s name(s). The cost for a Memorial Bench is $1,500, which includes shipping and handling, assembly, pouring of the concrete pad, and engraving of the memorial plaque.

More information

  • Memorial items may no longer be placed at Rock Park. Thanks to generous contributions from Keepers of the Rock and local donors, Rock Park has reached its capacity for memorial donations, including trees and benches. However, donations toward replacing the flag on top of the Rock would be much appreciated.
  • Arrangement for other donations or contributions can be made through the Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation.