Pine Canyon Proposal

Annexation Proposal

The area known as Pine Canyon spans both sides of Interstate 25, extending from the Union Pacific Railroad on the west to Founders Parkway on the east. 

It is generally north of Scott Boulevard and south of Founders Parkway. It is approximately 540 acres. (Scroll down for map.)

This area is not currently in the Town of Castle Rock. The landowner is proposing to annex into the Town, and that process is on-going. 

Learn more in the Pine Canyon Annexation Proposal fact sheet.

Status and Events

  1. This area is not currently part of the Town of Castle Rock. It is a proposed development going through the Town's annexation process. The application is currently under staff review. There are currently no Planning Commission, nor Town Council public hearings scheduled. The land owner hosted an open house on Feb. 12, 2018.

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Current Zoning

This property is currently zoned in Douglas County as Agriculture One (A1). The existing zoning on the property allows single-family residential development on lots ranging from 2 to 35 acres, places of worship up to 350 seats in the main sanctuary, public and private schools and other uses.

Proposed annexation and zoning application timeline

It is important to understand that annexations are voluntary. That means that the property owner or developer of the property reaches out to the Town of Castle Rock Development Services Department with a request to become annexed and zoned within Castle Rock. The first step in the proposed annexation process is to submit a Sketch Plan with proposed ideas for annexation within Castle Rock.

The Pine Canyon property developer has been in a proposal process with Town of Castle Rock since 2007. Below is a timeframe of the Pine Canyon proposal process.
Date Activity
Feb. 12, 2018 Land owner hosts informational open house for Castle Rock community. View information presented.
November 2017 Applicant submits the ninth revision
April 11, 2016 and April 13, 2016 Follow-up Neighborhood Open Houses were held
Sept. 16, 2016 (Resolution 2014-83) Council conducts the statute required Annexation Eligibility hearing
Aug. 5, 2014 (Resolution 2014-61) Council conducted the statute required Annexation Substantial Compliance hearing
Dec. 11, 2014 A public information meeting occurred with the Planning Commission
Dec. 16, 2013 The development team submitted a formal Annexation and Zoning application
Feb. 2, 2013 Applicant held follow up meeting with various HOA representative
Jan. 20, 2013 A neighborhood meeting on the updated plan was held
July 12, 2011 Planning Commission and Town Council hosted a public joint meeting on the sketch plan
2011 After the Sketch Plan submittal, the applicant met with several nearby HOA groups
Since 2007 There have been two separate public meetings, which the public was invited to attend.
These Public Sketch Plan discussions were with the Town Council and Planning Commission.
The two separate discussions were hosted in 2007, and a second public meeting occurred in
2011 (second Sketch Plan submitted).
2007 First Sketch plan submitted to the Town

Key points about the history and process

Annexation is a process that doesn't always end in the property being annexed into a jurisdiction. Town Council must apply State Statute to determine whether a property should be annexed into Castle Rock. Here are some key points. 

  • For the Pine Canyon property, the Zoning plan has gone through nine submittals and reviews with the Town, and the Town's Project Manager is compiling the ninth review comments and waiting for internal Town staff discussion. 
  • The annexation and development agreement (DA) is not yet drafted; staff is still reviewing the Water Efficiency Plan, traffic analysis, open space requirements, and drainage way constraints. 
  • Based upon the variety of issues noted herein, no dates have been determined for the Planning Commission and Town Council public hearings. When the dates are finalized as part of this process for public meetings, the Town of Castle Rock will communicate the meeting dates and locations.
The applicant, Walker Family, is proposing to annex into the Town of Castle Rock and change the zoning to allow a mix of single-family and multi-family housing types, up to 1,320 dwelling units (down from the original proposal of 1,555 dwelling units) 133 acres of open space (up from 122 acres in the original proposal) and 57 acres of land for public uses, such as schools and parks.

They are also proposing up to 40,000 square feet of non-residential development (down from 136,342 square feet in the original proposal) along Front Street, Founders Parkway and the extension of Woodlands Boulevard. An additional 775,000 square feet (down from 1,190,713 square feet) would be permitted between I-25 and the Union Pacific Railroad off of Liggett Road is also proposed. Non-residential uses could include offices, retail stores and restaurants.

Read on for detailed information and documents.
Pine Canyon CR Block Landscape

What’s the process?

Annexation proposals like this one must follow a state-mandated process, defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

That process begins with Town Council determining if the annexation application meets statutory requirements and is eligible to start the annexation process. Then, public hearings can begin in order to determine if the property should be annexed to the Town.

To aid in Council’s decision-making, staff reviews the project and studies the potential impacts on Town roads, water and overall levels of service. Input is also gathered from other agencies such as Douglas County, local service providers, nearby Homeowners Associations and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The Town’s goal is to ensure every application matches the community's vision and makes technical sense. 

Once the review process is complete, the applicant must go through a series of public hearings including before Planning Commission and Town Council.      

Pine Canyon Process

Step Date Related Link
Substantial Compliance Hearing Aug. 5, 2014 Substantial Compliance Staff Report and Resolution
Eligibility Hearing Sept. 16, 2014 Eligibility Staff Report and Resolution

Documents and more information

At each stage, the applicant is required to provide numerous documents, which are detailed here. Please note, some of these will be large and may take a few moments to download. These documents and studies are part of the annexation application process, and are not final. 

If you would like a hard copy of any of these documents, please contact Development Services at 303-660-1393 or by email

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