Snow Information

Keeping streets safe

Snowplowing and ice control are intended to keep streets in Town passable during adverse weather conditions. The time required to clear snow and ice from streets depends upon conditions unique to each storm event, including: 

  • Snowstorm intensity and accumulation
  • Anticipated snowstorm duration
  • Type of snow: light / dry or heavy / wet
  • Temperature before and after snowfall
  • High winds, drifting
  • Traffic conditions
  • Time of day
  • Available equipment and staff


Resident responsibilities

To help the Town provide reasonable access to a driveable lane, all residents are asked to do the following in the event of a snowstorm: 

  • Refrain from unnecessary travel 
  • Remove vehicles parked on the street, if possible 
  • If a vehicle must remain parked on the street, ensure it is legally parked (parallel / angled / straight in) and close to the curb.
  • Yield to snow plow drivers

When clearing snow from your sidewalk and drive way

  • Please do not place snow from driveways, sidewalks or private property into the street. This is to ensure public safety vehicles can travel all roads. Pile snow onto turf areas for winter watering.
  • Property owners are legally required to clear sidewalks adjacent to their property within 48 hours after 2 inches of snowfall has accumulated.
  • Help the Castle Rock Fire Department by shoveling the area around a fire hydrant. In case of emergency, this will help firefighters find hook-ups that may be buried in snow.

Got ice?

The combination of snow and sunshine in Colorado leads to ice, especially on the Town's east-west streets. The Town has a strategic plan for removing ice, which will start after plowing operations are completed. This often takes time, and the Town appreciates your patience. Report ice to 720-733-2462 or by email.

Municipal Code

Snowplow routes are covered in the Town’s Municipal Code under 10.10. For information, view the Castle Rock Municipal Code